What might be said about RVing elsewhere? Like AFRICA?

Greg Sanders/ September 7, 2022
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Africa is the second biggest mainland (after Asia), and covers around one-fifth of the complete land surface of Earth. The mainland is limited on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, and on the south by the blending waters of the Atlantic and Indian seas. Off the banks of Africa, various islands are related to the mainland. This Madagascar, quite possibly the biggest island on the planet is the most critical. Other, more modest islands incorporate Seychelles, Socotra, and different islands toward the east; Comoros, Mauritius, Réunion, and different islands toward the southeast; Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha toward the southwest; Cape Verde, the Bijagós Islands, Bioko, and São Tomé and Príncipe toward the west; and the Azores and the Madeira and Canary islands toward the northwest.
The mainland is cut similarly in two by the Equator so that the greater part of Africa exists in the tropical area, limited on the north by the Tropic of Cancer and on the south by the Tropic of Capricorn. As a result of the lump framed by western Africa, most of Africa’s region lies north of the Equator. Africa is crossed from north to south by the great meridian (0° longitude), which passes a brief distance toward the east of Accra, Ghana.

Many individuals feel that Africa is so fascinating and distant an objective that it’s past the scope of simple humans (with mortal financial balances). This is essentially not the situation.
We’ve found that it’s simple and reasonable to visit Africa, yet it’s sensibly protected to do as such, and – best of all – you can really RV there as a guest!

To be completely honest: We have not right now really done any RVing in Africa; rather, we burned through five weeks on the ground in Namibia and Zimbabwe, seeing the sights and conversing with the two local people and vacationers about how to travel and see the countries.

For all intents and purposes wherever we went, we saw all that from tents to medium size RVs, all meandering around the open country and the public parks. They had their spot close by our outside safari vehicles, and we as a whole wondered about the rhinos and lions and visited about where we were from and where we’d been voyaging.

Without a doubt, one of the more profound delights of voyaging is shared encounters. At the point when those encounters include lofty, wild monsters, for example, those found exclusively in these nations, all things considered, it barely improves.

Be that as it may, WHAT ABOUT THE COST?
Indeed, the cost is dependably a thought, yet think about this: With some shopping, you can track down full circle airfares to Nairobi, or Johannesburg, for close to $1000 per individual. A little two-man “campervan” (little RV) will lease for somewhere in the range of $150 per day and up – call it $3000 for a long time. Goodness, sounds sensible, isn’t that so? Indeed, indeed, however, there is a little gotcha…


To go around South Africa, Namibia, or Zimbabwe, you probably affirmed bookings for proper places to remain for each evening of your visit. I’m certain that shrewd explorers and local people would be able to get around this, yet wherever we asked and checked, this was the response we were given.
So meandering around and stopping some place for the evening (like in the western USA) isn’t something you can anticipate. Simply consider it compulsory stays in “RV parks” – however, stops such that you Will likely never see them again previously.

Setting up camp

The short-term facilities across Africa range from grim to Buffett/Gates lavish. You can remain for $50 per night or less, and you can remain for $2000/per night PER PERSON or more. Truly. Also, in the middle between.
The fantastic news is that the travel industry is King in these (and other) nations. There are in excess of 700 campsites and hotels in South Africa alone, and many RV rental organizations that furnish all ways and sorts of RV, from straightforward B-class vans to serious 4-man 4×4 go-anyplace fixes. There is an exceptionally wide scope of area and extravagance (or severity) to browse.


We were astonished at a few things with respect to somewhere safe. To begin with, there were many individuals cruising all over, and we learned of NO mishaps, maulings, or such while we were there. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out, however not all the time without a doubt. As a general rule, that’s what we discovered assuming you give the creature space, they won’t be pained by you – or inconvenience you. The creatures in the parks and studios are extremely used to people and (best of all) don’t view us as food items.
Second, there is a great deal of oversight and policing, for the purpose of traveler wellbeing. Vacationers are the bread and butter of numerous economies, and it’s their greatest advantage to keep individuals coming.
Indeed, the people who are given a reckless or pugnacious way of behaving can surely get themselves into a sound difficult situation. Those character types ought to think about going to additional easy-going districts.
Obviously, there’s no ideal security, in any event, concealing under your bed at home. Everybody needs to pick their solace level and hazard level, and YMMV as it’s been said. Be that as it may, we positively never felt at serious risk, in many, numerous long stretches of time of movement in a few pretty wild places.


Here you essentially can’t “blindly go for it.” It takes a LOT of arranging, and you might need to connect with an expert safari venture-out outfit to help you. You’ll require painstakingly organized flights, rentals, and appointments, also setting up for setting up camp stuff, knowing where to look for food/gas/and so on.

Furthermore, remember to permit yourself a smidgen of time (a little while) to some degree negligibly recuperate from the 6-9 hours time region change.
You likewise should sporadically remain in a normal cabin, for a few hot showers, cooked food, and perhaps a perspective on certain elephants at your lounge area deck.

We can guarantee you that it’s definitely worth the expense and exertion. Everyone we conversed with was totally cherishing their Africa experience, even with a periodic disaster. On the off chance that you’re hoping to drive down a track that has been hindered by a fallen tree – moved over by an eager elephant; assuming you might want to stop your vehicle and trust that a crowd of zebra will go across the street; indeed, cruising all over Africa is for you. In spite of the fact that our trip this time was undeniably directed and we remained in lodges, we are sure to incorporate some serious “self-drive” (the neighborhood term) on our next excursion to this wild and magnificent landmass.

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