Top glamping and camping spots in Turkey

Greg Sanders/ August 12, 2022

There is an artistic work to set up camp get-aways in Turkey that is not normal for the tent-pitching open-air fire scene that comes into view when we consider “camping.”In this country, camping areas offer conveniences like tree houses, lodges, and homes in a characteristic setting.

In this way, “campers” in Turkey can in any case partake in the outside yet in a setting more agreeable than a tent, yet less extravagant than what some might imagine “glamping” to be. Setting up camp in Turkey is extraordinary, and can be an astounding encounter given that the Turks are specialists in cooking and making a provincial stylish climate while the actual country offers a wide assortment of encounters for a retreat in nature.

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Kabak Valley

Did you have any idea that along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast lies a safeguarded valley that has been changed into a camper and glamper’s heaven with about six or so campgrounds set into the valley at different rises that guests climb past while heading to the valley’s confined ocean side?

Not really the most ideal choice for family travelers, Kabak Valley has turned into a fashionable person and yogi heaven and fills in as an extraordinary spot to remember for a climb of the Lycian Way, yet its country convenience while price can be very essential yet will give the feasts as a whole and drinks you will require.

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There is an assortment of housing choices, however, going from wooden cottages, and tree houses to spaces for tents. As this area has been safeguarded from improvement, there are no substantial structures, eateries, or shops and the street is very tricky in the event that your vehicle is definitely not a 4×4. It used to be that guests would stack their packs on jackasses at the highest point of the valley in Faralya and would then climb downwards for about 30 minutes to arrive at the campgrounds. Nowadays, there is a minibus that brings guests all over the valley and it is suggested you leave your vehicle at the highest point of the slope in Faralya.

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Butterfly Valley

Seemingly the main remote setting up camp spot to become famous in Turkey and start up the pattern of tree houses, (which are presently cabins) and ocean side tent convenience for a more youthful urbanite swarm in Butterfly Valley, named after the north of 80 unique types of butterflies housed in this nature save.

Thanks to the outdoor cooling systems, in this place you won’t be hot even in the hottest part of the year.

This segregated bay that has cascades in the profundities of the valley is just available by boats that work from the incredibly famous Ölüdeniz tidal pond or through a lofty climb from the highest point of the slope at Faralya down to the ocean side, which is the following bay west from Kabak Valley.


Arranged in the Akçaovacık Plateau at 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) rise on Babadağ, a mountain range ignoring the Mediterranean Sea and its pleasant bays, for example, Butterfly Valley and Ölüdeniz, Babakamp is an optimal area to set up camp in nature while partaking in the outside air, endemic verdure and marvelous perspectives and is only 25 kilometers (15.53 miles) from Fethiye.

Customary hosts of yoga and health withdrawal, Babakamp has both an indoor yoga studio, as well as an outside exercise, exercise region as well as a natural saltwater pool and fills in as an ideal base for paragliding, which this specific mountain is famous for. This yoga studio is recognizable by its beautiful real wood doors.

Guests can fly through the sky to arrive at the Ölüdeniz tidal pond or drive there as it is under 13 kilometers from the campsites via vehicle. The Skywalk Fethiye Cable Car will likewise before long be in activity, which will take travelers from Ölüdeniz to the highest point of Babadağ, which is situated at almost 1,700 meters rise.

While filling in as an ideal base for paragliders and nature-darlings, the genuine draw of Babakamp is their unrivaled perception deck that offers amazingly remarkable perspectives where one in a real sense feels like they are sitting large and in charge. Babakamp offers an assortment of convenient choices going from stone lodges and wooden lodges to campsites where visitors can set up their own shelter or park their troops.

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One more experience looking for a spot for a more youthful group finding what life resembles on the wild side is Olimpos, a cryptic objective that is equipped with tree houses as a convenience, has a way to the ocean side that breezes through old remnants and around evening time and never-ending flares like pockets of huge fires light up Mount Chimera, which is gotten to by means of level bed work vehicles in the dead of the evening.

Remaining in Olimpos, which is found somewhere between the Mediterranean seaside urban communities of Fethiye and Antalya, is really an encounter like none other and has serious areas of strength for anybody at whatever stage in life, but for those searching for a more refined and remote experience, I suggest remaining at Çıralı. In any case, Olimpos has without any help idealized the specialty of tree houses as lodgings and there are basically twelve scenes to remain in one or the other area.

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Flaunting the biggest bank in Turkey at 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) long, Geyikbayırı is Turkey’s stone climbing shelter and a modest bunch of campground facilities has become gifted at overhauling this experience looking for a swarm. For the layman, the region highlights fantastic mountains, old vestiges, marvelous fauna, a lake, and a waterway, and is roughly thirty minutes drive from Antalya’s downtown area and sea shores.

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There are about six home and tent setting up camp housing choices, which incorporate JoSiTo, The Land and Flying Goat Camp, and Hostel to give some examples.

Kaş Kamping

Spread out on stages that are ascent from the ocean, Kaş Kamping is perhaps of the most famous campsite in the area. Found simply a short walk around the focal point of Kaş, which is a dearest ocean side town on the Mediterranean on the western finish of Antalya region and right near the ocean, this specific camping area is one of the most agreeable as far as swimming, feasting out and looking at classical vestiges of Antiphellos. Convenience choices incorporate lodges, tent-pitching grounds, and a parade parking area.

Club Amazon

For its vicinity to occasion problem areas Datça and Marmaris, Bördübet is a shockingly distant safe house for a tranquil get-away. Club Amazon is an optimal area to encounter various exercises drenched in nature, the Guardian even referenced it in an article on the best ocean side occasions in Europe, portraying it as “An exceptional campground in profound, wild timberland distant from all shaking hints of current turn of events.”

The campsite is situated on a stream that prompts the ocean subsequently paddling is a famous hobby for guests, as is climbing in the timberland, going on boat outings, swimming in the woodland pool, and getting a charge out of open-air film evenings. There are an assortment of convenience choices going from agreeable stone rooms to smaller than expected lodges and a progression of innovative parade-type structures outfitted with bay windows, for example, their “wanderer” and “glamper” vehicles.

The main downside, which could likewise be viewed as a benefit, is that admittance to Club Amazon is through a 13 km rough street that those with extravagant (and low) vehicles might need to stay away from. Notwithstanding, visitors can constantly contact Club Amazon for elective choices, and eventually; to this end, this specific spot has remained generally unseen by the majority.

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Yeşilvadi Doğa Park

For one more really exceptional setting up camp insight, go to Yeşilvadi Doğa Park a characteristic park and camping area arranged on the Yanıklar stream, which likewise is under 15 km from Fethiye and under seven kilometers to Karaot ocean side.

The motivation behind why this specific campground is extraordinary is that convenience is presented in tents that are pitched on stages that are raised by almost three meters over the actual stream or swing suspended in the air by ropes attached to trees. Absolutely not for the cowardly or solace searchers, conveniences are as a matter of fact scant, Access to the tents is attempting, yet it is an encounter dissimilar to some other and the river is incredibly serene and pleasant to kayak on.

Yenice Forests

Found inland in the western Black Sea locale, Yenice Forests in the territory of Karabük is a special district that has a wide variety of greenery and is an extraordinary area for canyoning, climbing, and trekking. Dedication trees conceal a lively untamed life that incorporates foxes, bunnies, and even bears.

Stringently a nature sweetheart’s objective and helpful for the genuine camper who simply needs to set up a shelter in the forest, the adjoining Şeker Canyon offers a functional camping area, while the town of Incebacaklar even has store choices.


In the event that swinging from the sky is your thing, look at the collective lounger at Nefesköy, which is a loosening up retreat lodge and tent setting up camp retreat situated in northwestern Izmit’s Yuvacık, which is only a roughly over two hours’ drive from Istanbul. Fresher on the scene and positively more selective, Nefesköy, which converts into “breath town” will plainly blow your mind.

The idea that in only two or three hours, one can escape into the forested mountains and be totally drenched in nature outfitted with a dam, rivers, cascades, stage cafés, and mountain swings make this spot one of the most thrilling possibilities for a loosening up escape.

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